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Why AVC Hosting? Our Business Policy

Why AVC Hosting?

The other guys

With the big mega web hosting companies you get a single processor machine with and IDE hard drive and 799 other customers together with you on 1 over worked server. 

Single processor... IDE hard drive... This is exactly how your home computer is built! 

They pile on customers until the server is so over loaded is starts having problems usually 700 to 800 web sites per machine! This is doing business the right way to the mega host!!

They don't care about anything but the bottom line. This is why they find with the cheapest equipment they can get by with.

The problem is they don't get by with it, and their customers are the victims of unethical treatment and sub par performance. Resulting in excuses and a lot of customer churn.

These companies rely upon this to happen. It is the only way they can sign up new customers because they know all the other mega web host are doing the same thing exactly the same way.

This keeps a fresh supply of customers continually looking for new web host to sign on with. This is called "churn" in the hosting industry.

Rather then take steps to prevent churn large hosting companies actually rely upon it for new customers.

They know that eventually their customers will get tired of the slow performance and unpredictable down times that are normal for the hosting industry. 

Then when you try to contact them they ether don't allow phone calls don't give direct answers to your questions or don't bother to even get back to you with a reply.

Why should they? With many new signups per day you will never get personal treatment from them. Why? Simple these companies don't care about the technical aspect of what they do.

They can only achieve there business goals by limiting contact with their customers. This is why if you contact them more then a few times they will blacklist you and completely ignore every request you make for help.

They actually intend to make you quite there service and find another web host. See, you have become a problem because you expect to get help or simply have your questions answered.

They can not allow this to happen or they will have to hire a much large staff and they can't be expected to do that.

Or they just do like DELL and outsource there tech support to India.

Hey, We have nothing against India but they are very hard to understand and usually end up not being able to help you and this is after being on hold for hours and being transferred all over their phone support system. Maybe all over India??

For these web host a good customer is a customer who never attempts to contact the support staff or has any problems or would like some personal help. A customer who does not mind slow performance and problems like server down time etc.

Sooner or later you will need to contact tech support and if this happens enough their phone system will be set to black list your calls in order to discourage this behavior on your part.

If you continue to miss-behave and expect to contact the company they will totally ignore you until you drop your hosting account and go someplace else. 

Nothing but excuses for the total lack of performance and poor service you receive.

After going through this ourselves for far too long we felt we had no choice but to be responsible for our own equipment and began to build our own servers and host our own websites. 

Why not start out with something better and sign up with AVC. We are not the same old thing in web hosting. We are a small aggressive company and we are different. 

We promise to keep your website up and running fast just like our sites do!

AVC Hosting

At American Virtual Communities we build and operate some of the internet's largest and most extensive web sites with over 30,000 pages of regional business listings. 30,000 real pages not just data base listings.

We have found that the mass hosting companies were not the answer. We had no control over what kind of server equipment our web sites were placed on.

The mega  host company would place our high traffic sites on any old machine they had or they wanted to lease to us a dedicated machine for an outrageous cost.

Being old hot rodders who grew up racing cars for fun we could not build just average machines. We had to go overboard. If fast was good then really fast had to be better.

Finally we ended up with servers that had 4 XEON processors 4 gigabyte of ram and SCSI drive systems running raid redundant storage systems. 

It was just like the good old days of hot cars and racing. We had way to much power. It was perfect. Just what we needed to keep our 30,000 page business directory web sites running fast no matter how many customers were logged on.

Hosting web sites for others who found the same problems with other web host that we had experienced easily came next for us. As we would describe our experience and our solution we had many request to host sites for friends and business associates. 

This leads us to why you are hear reading this. If you are like us and seek a simple straight forward solution to your web hosting needs we would like to offer our services to you.

We place no more then 200 customers on each of our Servers. All servers are built with at least quad (4) XEON processors 4 gigs of ram and SCSI drive systems running raid drive configurations. Note - our present system uses 4 XEON processors and 4 gigs of ram with SCSI disk drives running raid 5 with 4 power supplies for redundant operation.

Why SCSI and raid drive systems?

Our SCSI Drive systems contain a completely independent processor that is as powerful as a early Pentium computer processors. This processors is what is used to send and receive data to the SCSI Drives. 

Because this special SCSI processor does all the data request to and from the hard drives the 4 XEON main processors only have to work at serving web page request. Since we use only server mother boards for these systems the data flow between processors ram and hard drives flows at over 4 times the normal capacity of a home computer.

All this ads up to incredible data throughput and speed. The web sites are fast. Even with hundreds of searches and page request per second there are simply no slowdowns.

With the raid drive system 2 high capacity hard drives are mirrored and there is 1 hot spare drive ready to go at all times. If a drive fails we simply plug in a replacement and the raid system re writes the data to the drive and the system keeps running as if nothing has happened.

You have never heard of us and we will never make a huge impact on the hosting business. We don't have to try and rule the hosting world in order to live the way we like to. Don't wait to sign on or we will have no choice but to place you on a waiting list to be placed on our super fast servers as they are built tested and become ready for service.

Call us and that is who you will talk to, us, The owners. You want mega host?... that we are not and will never be. If you like to deal with small companies who personally attend to your needs with integrity and attention to detail that comes from small town values then you will like doing business with us. We promise. 

This is not some to good to be true offer where you are supposed to get something for nothing. For regular hosting prices you get to be on our high ultra performance servers and you get personal support from the owners of the company you are dealing with. Hay it's still the way things are done in small town America.

Why not sign up and give us a try. Satisfaction guaranteed. We will do what ever it takes to make your experience the best one possible!

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