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Why AVC Hosting? Our Business Policy

Info about our customer service policy:
AVC is more then just a hobby hosting business operating out of a garage. We started out in 1999 when we formed American Virtual Communities (AVC) and NCW-Online internet Service. From there we developed our customer service attitude of going above and beyond the norm of service for the ISP industry.

We Developed a policy of going out to our customer's homes to solve problems that were troublesome over the phone. Other ISP owners thought us crazy and predicted our demise to follow soon.

They were shocked to see our market share grow steadily through recognition by the community of our customer oriented values. We don't quibble we just go out and solve the problem. We like to meet and help our customers personally.

We don't really care for the "hide behind the website" attitude of today's hosting companies. We believe in the old fashion "get to know your customer" attitude of the small town brick and mortar business.

People are flocking out of the larger cities and looking for small towns where you know your neighbor and the local shop owner recognizes you and always seams grateful to see you drop in. 

As consumers ourselves and we trust our local merchants and feel a much greater bond when we can get to know them better. We feel this will work well in the operation of our online business. 

This has already shown a great benefit to us as word of mouth has been how our ISP and business directory service have grown. In the world of mass advertising people just don't know where to turn and trust the advice of friends who already have had a good experience with a business.

Please contact us any time we would like to talk with you, about web hosting, to help out with your website or for any reason you want. This is the AVC way.

Robert Barnes
AVC Web Hosting
NCW-Online Internet Service

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