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Why AVC Hosting? Our Business Policy

AVC Operates the following businesses

NCW-Online Internet Service

Internet Service Provider:

  • $16.95 Dial up service through the UUnet nation wide dial up system

  • 6000 dial up numbers available nation wide.

  • Fiber Optic based internet service available in Chelan and Grant counties in Washington state.

  • Service areas: 

  • North America

  • Alaska

  • Hawaii

  • US Virgin Islands

  • Canada

AVC Web Hosting service

Our web hosting service is based right here on this website

  • "Business only" Hosting 

  • Click here for detailed information

  • Prices starting at $9.95 

  • Website building software

  • Hosting on state of the art super powerful servers.

  • We bend over backwards to provide you with all the help needed to have a great business website.

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