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Why AVC Hosting? Our Business Policy

Information about our pricing structure and the value you get with an AVC Hosting account.

How do the prices break down for hosting more then one domain?

Why are the prices at these levels? I see hosting prices of $3.00 per month or less online!

Hosting companies who offer these prices are using servers built with single processors and IDE drives and then placing 1000 or more hosting accounts on each server. This kind of computer is built just like your home desktop machine. The IDE drive system uses the main processor to process each information request from the hard drive. 

When you have 1000 plus websites each receiving request for data intermittently there are bound to be problems in data flow as often too many simultaneous request for data happen at once. This means your website visitor will not get a response when he/she visits your site or clicks on links in your pages hosted on this overloaded machine.

When you relate this to cars you see that the guy driving a Yugo who stuffs in all his friends is not going anywhere very fast. But hay it's cheap right? Well exactly! You get what you pay for. What is in your driveway? A $30K plus SUV or something even better? Could it be you have done the Yugo thing and it was not any fun after all? AVC is a hosting service for adults or those who realize the difference and know that value means your website is online, loads fast and is always there to accomplish it's intended task. 

If you want cheapo hosting you are not going to get quad XEON processors, 2 gigs of ram, SCSI drives or redundant power (UPS). Nor will you get access to a great network with redundant large connections to the internet backbone.

In the unlikely event of a server failure (has not happened yet) we bring a new machine online then reload all data from the backup made the night before at 12:01 am. Server downtime is expected to be 30 to 60 minutes depending on how long the backup takes to load.

Everything used to provide hosting has redundancy or is backed up on a regular basis.

This is what separates the men from the boys in the world of web hosting. What happens when something does go wrong? Do they have a plan? AVC plans for the worst and keeps the data safe and available with a minimum of downtime. If the worst does happen we are prepared so your website and business will not suffer.

We invite you to contact the central Washington state better business bureau (BBB) and inquire about us. This is a good policy to follow as many hosting companies are run as a hobby business and do not even have a business license. We will provide you with our Washington state business license number upon request.

AVC Business Policy:

We Are Ethical

We are fair, reliable, honest and caring towards our customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees and communities in which we do business, grateful for the good that comes our way, and respectfully committed to the needs of our customers. We exercise good manners, listen, and consider the position of others in order to promote consumer trust.

We Are Accountable

We strongly support the principles and purposes of voluntary self-regulation and contributing to the economic stability of our region. We are committed to ensuring that our advertising is neither manipulative nor misleading by reflecting a true representation of what we offer to our buying and selling neighbors. We acknowledge ethical marketplace practices by our peers. We are responsible for our own choices and accountable to the environment. "Will do," means, "We’ll do it!"

We Provide Value

We strive to always do our best, building upon a good reputation of loyalty, product, service, and in turn customer retention. We make it possible for people to buy goods and services with a sense of security, and firmly believe that an educated customer is the best customer. We commit to training programs that assist the growth of our employers and employees to increase customer care and promote continued ethical treatment in the marketplace.

We Respond

We are an interactive part of our communities and share in making our surrounding environs better. We think before we act, and extend our services within the marketplace.

We Resolve Disputes

We make a good faith effort to resolve all complaints brought to our attention, and to eliminate the underlying causes of customer complaints when they surface. We are committed to resolving problems peaceably and free of anger, insults, threats or disrespect, adhering to self-control, maturity and discipline--not carelessly blaming others.

We Change

It is our goal as a business to stay informed, persevere and risk change if necessary for the betterment of our goals, respect feedback, concerns, suggestions from our peers as well as our customers. We have the courage to do the right thing, even when there is nothing in it for us. We do not fear open-mindedness and for the good of the global economy, tolerate differences.


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